Effortless Nonsuccess

Nothing Matters.

Sunshine Child

A wonderfully corrupting weed that germinates And with its loveliness captivates


Review: Hunter x Hunter (2011)

It's a universal truth that shows and movies you enjoyed as a young child rarely hold up as an adult. Many things are mind bogglingly bad once the rose tinted glasses come off. This show is a glaring exception.

Queen’s Park

I'm not entirely sure how I feel about this piece. Or what it even is. It's "based on real events". Meaning the setting is real and there was actually a Jenny but everything else is made up. Like everything I... Continue Reading →


This is a poem I wrote in 2013. I think this is the first poem I ever wrote. I remember it was for a class I was taking at the time called "The Writer's Craft". I started writing it about... Continue Reading →


This is an old oneĀ I wrote in 2012. It's meant to be exactly 250 words. I believe it's called a post card. I don't think it's very good and I'm only putting it here for posterity's sake. As with everything... Continue Reading →

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